Jack Calhoun

Jack is a success-driven leader with a strong record of consistent top performance over a 28-year publishing career. His diverse executive skills range from strategic planning through all aspects of product development, marketing, and sales management. He has over twenty years of experience managing product development groups, expertise leading digital product development efforts with a focus on learning path design, and his background as an executive in global product management for a billion dollar learning organization, Cengage Learning, make him uniquely qualified for advanced product and market-facing initiatives.



Danny Hoyt, Ph.D.
Director of Learning

Danny brings almost twenty years of experience in the educational publishing industry. He has worked with numerous industry associations, colleges, universities, trade schools and federal and state agencies to re-envision the manner which curriculum and educational resources are designed, developed, implemented, and assessed. One of Danny’s core strengths is content development and management. Danny is an experienced teacher and has taught elementary, junior high, high school and both undergraduate and graduate courses. He is also an accomplished corporate and educational trainer and speaker. Danny holds several advanced degrees in education, including a PhD in curriculum and instruction. His unique combination of his passion for teaching and learning and his truly unique set of skills and experiences is a significant asset to the team.



Andy Erickson
Program Manager, Technology Solutions Manager

Andy has extensive experience building and directing high performing, globally sourced software development teams. He specializes in motivating teams to achieve peak performance and his style engenders tremendous loyalty. His accomplishments include the delivery of globally sourced software projects on time and on budget. Andy has turned around failing and struggling software engineering teams and is proud to have mentored hundreds of software professionals on careers and professional development. He has started two companies and developed chapter of a global non-profit into a sustainable volunteer base.



Elizabeth Sugg
Content and Instructional Design Manager

Elizabeth is well versed in content acquisition and instructional development, managing profitable digital/print products and brands. She has produced dynamic learning solutions that motivate thousands of learners and encourage retention. As a senior business developer for online, blended, and onsite instructional communities, Elizabeth focuses on curriculum and client services, guiding successful market research, financial evaluations, program selection and course design. Elizabeth’s robust business plans often include topic-specific taxonomies and meta-data tagging strategies. Elizabeth’s background includes years of managing successful multi-million dollar initiatives.


Sande Johnson

Sande Johnson
Product Manager

Sande is a very experienced project manager with numerous years of experience in educational publishing and curriculum development services. She has developed a wide range of skills from product development, to sales and marketing, to market research, to editorial and project management. As a proficient project manager and author mentor/developer, Sande has many accomplishments that range from creating new markets in the higher education space with new product strategies to a five-fold increase in the profitability of her product line. Sande is a firm believer in the power of collaboration and strives to strategize with clients to find optimal solutions to their challenges. She is also an honorary advisory board member to the Holistic Sustainability Education organization, which delivers online and custom executive education focused on leadership practices for sustainability.


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