Our Mission

NewKnowledge United provides industry-leading curriculum and learning services supported by the most advanced technologies that empower our client partners and their learners to grow intellectually, improve their performance, and expand their personal and professional horizons.

Our team facilitates the design, development and delivery of learning experiences that surpass expectations—our client partners highly recommend our work, their learners achieve their learning objectives (and are delighted with their experiences), and our team members take pride in their contributions and achievements.


Our Values

newknowledgeleaftiniestA new educational model grounded in personal, institutional, and environmental growth and responsibility

newknowledgeleaftiniestHelping people envision and create a pathway to success in learning and in life

newknowledgeleaftiniestEmpowering our clients and their learners to thrive in a continually changing environment

newknowledgeleaftiniestLeading education through an evolutionary period along with our trusted partners

newknowledgeleaftiniestThoughtful, strategic, and engaging service to our clients and partners

newknowledgeleaftiniestInnovation of new educational technologies, methodologies, and theories

newknowledgeleaftiniestPositively impacting lives within and outside our organization

newknowledgeleaftiniestRespecting ourselves and others in our words and actions

newknowledgeleaftiniestTeamwork, collaboration, curiosity, and growth within and outside our organization

newknowledgeleaftiniestA healthy work-life balance for team members and our partners


Our Culture

NewKnowledge United was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our culture is one of teamwork, collaboration, and intellectual curiosity. We are creative, flexible, supportive, ethical, hard-working, reliable, and growth-oriented. We drive ourselves to be the best and perform the best for our client partners.


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